All the inspiration you need for a years worth of healthy active kids

Haktive CardsGet children active in minutes

Inspired ideas for fun, active games for groups of primary aged children.

Easy to use, colour-coded cards to help you get started.

Based on 25 years P.E. specialist teaching, and hours of playing fun games.

Help your pupils to have healthy active fun

The Haktive cards are designed for quick and easy access to active ideas for use by teachers, lunchtime supervisors, children play leaders, Cubs, Brownies, Beaver leaders and anyone who wants some active and fun games to play with groups of children.

“These cards are exactly what I needed as a new teacher. They are so easy to pick up and run memorable games in both PE and our active playtimes. Minimal equipment is needed and everything is explained concisely so that children can join in straight away. I even gave them to children to read out and teach a game to the rest of the class which they loved, and they felt empowered as 'Sports Leaders'!”

Alice (ECT), Harwell Primary School
Haktive Cards - a card a week for the whole school year.

25 years of experience, distilled into a pocket sized pack of cards

Leveraging decades of specialist P.E. Teacher knowledge, tips and tricks - this will help all teachers, assistants, and lunchtime supervisors to feel more confident delivering great games for children.

Suitable for all staff

The easy nature of these cards make it accessible for all staff and children a like.


Excellent, sustainable use of School Sport Premium Funding.

Loved by children

They love feeling independent and setting up games themselves.


We’d love to hear your feedback and success stories


We have had the privilege of working with so many amazing Teaching Assistants and Teachers

“I found these cards have given me instant games ideas that I can take and adapt for my class. They are so easy to use I sometimes let the children use them to decide what to play. Full of ideas, these cards have given me the confidence to get the children active quickly and safely with engaging games and activities which they love.”

ECT teacher

“They are really good to give us ideas of what to play with the young ones.”

Year 6 Play leaders

“I find them brilliant! Really, really good at school, I use them quite a lot. I use them with groups of children to get them playing or give them ideas of how to play.”

TA and Lunchtime Supervisor

“I use them with small groups to encourage positive communication and decision making. They work really well.”

ELSA trained support staff

“These cards are amazing, they give me so much confidence to help children play positive games quickly in a hectic lunchtime. I always have these cards with me now as the children know to come and find me if they don't know what to do at playtime or who to play with. It's really helped include everyone in fun play.”

TA and Lunchtime Supervisor

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